What is this site?

What's shown on this site are the results of a performance rating method processed over every relevant log in the history of TF2 Center and TF2 Pickup producing rated lists of players with a named rank. The rank is in fact a number hidden in the backend that decides the order of players, but making this public would make the system easier to game. Also available to pickup systems and others are tools to help balance games

How does it work?

The exact details are secret, but a vague outline can be found here. The rating method is continuously developed to provide improved results. Players are ranked per class, as in soldier, scout, spy, etc but there is no distinction between 6v6 or highlander. The named ranks between these classes are not comparable, for example an Australium Engineer is unlikely to have the same numeric system rating as an Australium Demoman. Alternate games like BBall and Ultiduo are not included. Players must play 10 games and a total of at least 2 hours on a class to get a rating.

Inactivity is also punished, for every 8 hours that passes since their last game a player loses 1 ranking point. Typically players will have a thousand points plus so can afford to lose them over the short term, but as time passes they will sink down the lists. This is to prevent a player achieving a massive total and forever dominating the rankings without playing again. Player's inactivity penalties are immediately wiped when they come back and play a new game and for the purposes of balance calculations their underlying performance based rating rather than the inactivity adjusted rating is used.

Can I change my name?

Login using steam using the link at the top right. The homepage should then show a greeting at the top of the right hand column with your name, and a link to edit your name. Click that and enter the name you want and save it. There will be a lag between updating it and the new name showing up in the ranking lists to all other players.

Why do I have rankings on some classes but not others?

You need to play a minimum of around 9-10 lobbies full time on a class to qualify for a ranking, although your stats are still recorded.

How can I get a better rating?

Playing your best and playing to win will give you the best chances of getting a better rating. There aren't any secret shortcuts.

My log didn't have any damage, does that affect my rating?

Your rating is reached by comparing you to the other players in that game/log. If you don't have any damage and neither do they you aren't at a disadvantage.

Will I be penalised for playing as a sub?

The reduced time spent in the game will be reflected in your rating, it won't calculate your participation as if you were in for the whole duration

I see people with great overall stats who don't rank well. Why?

There are two main ways you can sink down the rankings, inactivity and by playing badly/not seriously recently. If you play hundreds of games well then you will build up a pile of nice looking stats but if you then play 10 bad games your rating will be strongly affected but the overall stats won't change much. Also it matters who those games were against, if you build up great stats against weak players who you are expected to do well against your rating won't improve much, in fact if you don't do as well as the algorithm expects it may even penalise you for only doing OK. Don't avoid strong opponents if you want a good rank.

Why does legendary/my favourite player x have a lesser rating when they are a prem/invite/platinum legend?

The number one reason is probably inactivity, but not all players on TF2 Pickup or TF2 Center are taking it seriously, or more bluntly some players including the very good don't care about the result that much, they just want a bit of fun like leading an uber with the Boston Basher. The goal of this site is not to produce a perfect view of a given player's ability, rather an accurate view of how they perform in a particular environment. If a player trolls a lot and they receive a poor rating that is considered good for the system because one of the focuses of the system is to be able to help balance games and it needs to identify that behaviour to provide quality balancing data.

These aren't the only reasons a strong player might rank poorly, there are many reasons why someone might not be concentrating and pushing their hardest in a casual pickup game.

I just played a great game, why hasn't the site moved me up?

The site doesn't update immediately from logs.tf, it works periodically to update itself so it can take time to filter through to the front end, typically about 30 minutes but it could be longer. If you haven't seen movement after that then it's possible there was a large gap to the player above you that you haven't made up yet.

What do the ranks mean?

Not much, but it's nice to have some tiers a player can advance (or fall back) through as they play. The first 20 players in every list are top ranked, the next 30 are 2nd ranked and the next 50 are 3rd ranked. After that the rank group sizes are proportionate to the length of the list, so in a short list sometimes the 3rd rank has the most players in it. Thanks to Kaneco for the name suggestions, it was the best one I received.

Why does TF2 Pickup only have 5 classes listed?

TF2 Pickup is largely dominated by 6v6 play and as such although many players may have played 10 logs on a utility class they won't have played meaningful time because they're only used situationally for brief periods. Most of them don't run to a full page of results so they have little meaning and I've left them off. Sniper is the exception, but that's still quite a limited list

These healing per minute stats look pretty messed up

Unfortunately many servers that are used on TF2Center and some on TF2Pickup don't have the proper plugins installed to record healing stats correctly so we end up with healing stats that don't look correct. This is because the medic's time over logs with no healing stats is recorded, but no additional healing is added for that time. The ranking algorithm does it's best not to penalise medics in this situation but the raw stats look bad where it's not recorded

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